Quintino’s Sumatra Mellow

I know this coffee (and the roasting company) for quite a loong time, and I’ve been playing with their coffee, either the Single Origins, or the Blend for quite some time. IMHO I consider Quintino’s as one of the best roaster around. I drank them personally, and use them in Javva, and many coffee shops that I help build. Why Quintino’s? well… Joe, the big (and literally big) guy behind this brand is passionate about his product. Passionate enough, that whenever I have “problems” with his bean, whether changing flavor profile, old beans, or whatever, I can call them up and have a satisfactory response.

Sumatra Mellow is what build Quintino ‘s at the first place. I remember when I went there years ago, the only choice is either Sumatra Mellow, or Sumatra Mellow 🙂 Now they have variety’s of Single Origins you can choose from, From Aceh to as far as Papua. Although I’ve been playing with it for years, as espresso, french press, tubruk, flatbottom pourover, you name it. But this morning, is the first time I brew this coffee using a V60.

PT Quintino’s Djava. Jl. Radio Dalam Raya No. 99 Jakarta 12140. ph. +62.21.722.3437 fax +62.21.722.3440 email sales@quintinos-coffee.com

as pourover

brew V60/10gr/200 ml (start) 150 ml (result)/± 92 C water/2 min 30 sec; the aroma is incredible, there’s note that I never smell/tasted before. Bright with big red plum type acidity at front, nice stable flavor all the way, fruity sweet, with nice cocoa powder ending

brew V60/10gr/200 ml (start) 150 ml (result)/± 92 C water/3 min; this one reminds me with the one I usually brew using a flatbottom. Although its still very nice, there that hint of bitterness that’s coming out. The brightness is gone so as the big red plum type of acidity is also disappear. The acidity now came as lime rind type (the skin and the white part of lime skin) but its still pretty sweet with bigger cocoa powder notes in it

brew V60/10gr/200 ml (start) 150 ml (result)/± 92 C water/2 min; at first, this is not a good brew. Taste like water you have after boiling some peanuts. After the temperature drops, acidity is lurking a bit. A lime zest type.  but still that doesnt make it into become an interesting cup

brew V60/10gr/200 ml (start) 150 ml (result)/± 92 C water/2 min; nope, you’re not seeing double. This time I adjust the grinder, make it finer, but pouring faster. The result is interesting. The brew is very sweet. Just sweet. Almost no bitterness, and no acidity. Interesting…. When the temperature have drop, the acidity is coming out, more on the orange candy type, and it become a very nice cup. (I wonder what will happen if I chilled it and making it iced coffee?)

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