Pappaco Grandpa Espresso

Pappaco is a coffee roasting company that is based in Bandung and it does most of its marketing using Facebook. I have the pleasure to meet Gary, one of the guy behind this brand a few days ago, and He gaves me a pack of his Pappaco Grandpa Espresso to try out. Gary told me that they were using a loaned 15kg probat for quite a while, and now they are using a clone of that machine, made locally. Besides the Grandpa Espresso, they also have several single origins. In the near future, you could find their coffee being sold at Bandung’s Setiabudhi Supermarket Gary told me before that their Grandpa Espresso is a dark roast coffee. Honestly I didnt expect it to be this dark ūüôā When I open the bag, a roasted aroma seep out quite strong. It reminds me with some of starbucks’s coffee I buy/given. The coffee bean itself is oily in appearance . I honestly ave no idea when this coffee is roasted. Pappaco Coffee¬†Jalan Cisitu Lama No.33 Bandung, Jawa Barat 40135 ph. +62817 76 4114 e-mail

as espresso

brew time¬†30 ml/30 second; honestly, looking at the powder color after grinding, I’m deeply worried. The powder is very dark, even a lot darker than Starbucks. JJ Royal came straight to mind, and honestly, for me, its not a good sign. The crema came out quite thick, with dark brown complexion. A weird but familiar smell came out when the pull being made. One sip after the pull is done, that smell is confirmed. This coffee is roasted dark, way to dark for me, that all I can taste huge bitterness with phenolic on the side. Not a pleasant cup. brew time¬†30 ml/23 second; changing the brew time to a standard used by some of Jakarta roaster/coffee house. ¬†The big bitterness is still there. Not as big as a 30 second pull, but it still there, and still not a pleasant cup to drink. Unless you are a sado masochist or those who believe in ¬†“if it aint bitter, its not coffee” ¬†credo

as cappuccino

brew time¬†30 ml/30 second with Greenfields UHT milk; at first small sip, the coffee taste seems like in no existence. I could smell it, but couldnt trace the taste. Interestingly, the sweetness of the milk also gone. Its just like sipping slightly bitter water with coffee aroma. On the second sip, a propper sized sip, the coffee back with a vengeance. ¬†That bitterness and phenolic character that dominates the espresso also dominates this cappuccino. Sweetness of the milk is untraceable. When temperature drops a bit, cocoa powder taste came through. Not my type of cappa…. brew time¬†30 ml/23 second¬†with Greenfields UHT milk; The cappuccino taste a lot better that the previous pull, although for me personally its still far from perfect The bitterness and phenolic is a bit subdued, but still presence. Very dark chocolate, like one with 89% cacao in it type of chocolate. Again, not my type of cappa… Not balance at all…

lowering my machine temperature might help a bit, but since my expobar is not a PID one, changing it is a bit of a hassle. Plus… I almost ran out of coffee. What I have lefy is reserved for tomorrow, to be brewed as a drip…¬†

Gar, I honestly dont mean to be rude, by not writing  sweet review, but a slightly harsh one. I hope you can take this not so great review and using it to make your product into better one. 

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