4 Kopiku Espresso Blend

A month or so ago, I have the pleasant chance of meeting the people behind Kopiku

Anyway, A few day after meeting them, Their 4 espresso blend is waiting for me to be picked up. Kembang Desa, Gunung Preanger, 93 an Excelent Blend. Sadly, I couldn’t taste and test them up right away. Needs another 2 weeks before i got a chance to play with them. Well.. think of it as an extra chance to degassing and for all the beans to mingle up, hoping for a more unison blend.

Out of their 4 Blend, the Kembang Desa is their pride and joy. The batch I got is honestly interesting with subtle tobacco and smoky notes that reminds you with smoked beef. For me the 93 blend is their well rounded blend, still taste good as espresso and cappuccino. For espresso drinker, their Excelent Blend is the one to choose. One thing for sure, all of the 4 Blend have really thick crema. The coffee I tested is around 1 month old from roasting date

All these coffee is being tested using my Expobar Office, grouphead water temp is set at 92C, using Aqua brand water from Babakan Pari Gunung Salak Springs, a 20gr double basket, and Greenfields Pasterurized as Milk

PT Kopiku Indonesia, Skybee One Building 4th floor, Jl. Kebon Sirih no. 63 Jakarta 10340. ph. +62-21-391.8088 email. info@kopiku-indo.com

Kembang Desa as espresso

brew time 25 ml/21 second; smoky! and a bit astringent at the end

brew time 25 ml/22 second; Sweet, creamy, big tobacco flavor, no middle notes, not too bitter

brew time 20 ml/23 second; sweet, creamy, have honey mouthfeel

brew time 20 ml/28 second; sweet, complex, balanced

brew time 25 ml/30 second; salty at the end… interesting

Kembang Desa as Cappuccino

brew time 20 ml/23 second; creamy, hazelnut, sweet, with soft coffee aroma layering at the back 

brew time 20 ml/28 second; milk still dominates, but overall ok

brew time 25 ml/30 second; weak, taste like latte

Gunung Preanger as Espresso

brew time 25 ml/20 second; bitter, but nice body and crema

brew time 25 ml/26 second; harsh at the beginning, but really sweet ending

brew time 30 ml/28 second; flat, astringent at the back

brew time 15 ml/30 second; pulling this shot just out of curiosity, and regret it. Taste like a bad tabasco! Very spicy, sour, and it stays! – curious what will happen if i mix this with mayo and making it a dip for boiled prawn… hmmmm

Gunung Preanger as Cappuccino

brew time 25 ml/20 second; the coffee is lost within the milk if you use 1 shot, but with 2, the espresso is overpowering

brew time 25 ml/26 second; taste good, really sweet and balanced

93 Blend as espresso

brew time 20 ml/20 second; This is actually done by visual. I stop the extraction when the crema just about to blond. It taste really sweet, great body and pleasant lingering aftertaste!

brew time 25 ml/30 second; Taste Harsh!

brew time 25 ml/23 second; A real crowd pleaser while its still hot. It really big on the almond notes! But when the temperature drops a bit, some will like some definitely gonna hate. The fruit notes that some will taste as acidity increased tremendously, with notes that reminds me with blackcurrant.

brew time 25 ml/25 second; Creamy but really bitter at the end

brew time 25 ml/27 second; Really big on choco and nuts, its like sipping nutella!

93 Blend as Cappuccino

brew time 20 ml/20 second; Taste nice and balanced. Coffee and steamed milk works well together

brew time 25 ml/23 second; Taste great, with big almond flavor. The espresso stand out of the milk, but not overpowering

brew time 25 ml/27 second; Dont know why it reminds me of hot chocolate milk!

Excelent Blend as espresso

brew time 30 ml/19 second; big with fruit flavor and acidity, but bitter at the end

brew time 30 ml/24 second; basicly similar with above, but fruit more pronounced

brew time 30 ml/25 second; thick crema, not balanced, fruity, nice acidity, not too sweet

brew time 15 ml/30 second; bitter with cocoa notes, reminds me of a 99% cacao chocolate bar

brew time 25 ml/30 second; Nice acicity, lack of bitterness but sadly also lack of sweetness

 Excelent Blend as Cappuccino

this blend tend to fail as cappuccino. The espresso always lost to the milk unless you pull it 15 ml/30 seconds.

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