Sari Prima Wamena Papua Coffee

Sari Prima is one of Jayapura’s old roasting company. Although I have received a couple bag of this coffee as a gift over the years, this is the first time I received them as beans.  Having it as beans give me small freedom to play with it, brewing it in whatever method I want.  3 months ago, Sari Prima is setting up a distribution company in Jakarta, and now coffee drinker in Jakarta could find them in supermarkets such as Grand Lucky, Hero Kemang, and Giants. Kem Chick and Ranch Market is coming soon, said Mr. Roy Rindorindo, Jakarta’s office proprietor. Coffee are still shipped from papua as roasted bean.

Sari Prima – Papua Specialty Coffee. Jl Kucica 10 Blok JF 7/21 Bintaro sektor 9 Tangerang Selatan. ph. +62.21.745.5963 or 0878.8103.5092 email

as Single Origin Espresso

brew time 30 ml/26 detik; cawerang alias wattery, d citrus is still there, but body, sweetness n choco notes none

brew time 30 ml/30 detik; very citrusy, pomelo like, with big choco @ d end

brew time 25 ml/25 detik; cakep abis. nice body, sweet yet citusy more cocoa than chocolate. I Like!

as cappuccino

brew time 30 ml/30 detik with diamond milk; very interesting as a cappuccino, although some people might think that d milk have gone bad 😛 acidity is marvelous thing. Sweet with big citrus notes, with nice soft milk chocolate ending. No bitterness at all.

as pourover

brew V60/10gr/200 ml (start) 150 ml (result)/± 92 C water/2 minutes; nice clean tasting while hot, medium body, sweet. Aroma develop more when temperature drop a bit. Dark cherries, lemon zest, caramelly sweet. Clean finish

brew V60/10gr/200 ml (start) 150 ml (result)/± 92 C water/2 min 30 sec; not as clean as the 2 minutes brew, have more body, there’s a hint of harshness in it. After it cools down a bit, it becomes winey, big burnt caramel, and dark cherries. Acidity is very low at this point. Finish is a bit harsh but it last.

brew flat bottom/10gr/200 ml (start) 150 ml (result)/± 92 C water/2 min 15 sec; hint of citrus with  milk chocolate and ripe tropical fruit, but sadly no dark cherries like when brewed using a  V60

brew flat bottom/10gr/200 ml (start) 150 ml (result)/± 92 C water/3 min 10 sec; big cocoa notes at first, very ripe tropical fruits, but no sweetness n acidity

3 thoughts on “Sari Prima Wamena Papua Coffee

  1. Kang Adi,

    Mau tanya dong, karakteristik saat brew dengan flat bottom dan hengan Hario V60 apa beda-nya ya? Kalo which one better itu pastinya tergantung selera ya?
    Hehehe…. thanks in advance buat info-nya…

    1. Flat bottom cenderung memberikan body yg lebih kuat, dan sweetness, sementara V60 menonjolkan karakter buah/acidity, dengan body yg lebih tipis 😀 mana yang enak tergantung selera 😀

      1. Thanks buat pencerahan-nya, sepertinya kalo flat bottom harus lebih kasar ya, grind settingnya. Kalau engga brewing time nya bisa kelamaan? Baru tadi malam sempat nonton Coffee story, salut buat dedikasi Kang Adi di dunia kopi. Lanjutkan!!! 🙂

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