Qertoev Coffee Gayo (from Bener Meriah region)

Qertoev is a small green bean trader owned and run by 1 of Gayo’s multi generation  farmer family. This 200 something gram sample is said being roasted using a Gene Cafe. This particular bean is at 1 time being offered to be bought by a roaster in Jakarta at US$10,8/kg. Price is sky high because of it’s unique flavor (and failing crop all over indonesia – at that time, unsorted bean on the farmer side is around US$7/kg). I wish I could have some more to play with it, seeing how it behaves under different situation/brewing method.

Qertoev Coffee – Gayo Specialty Coffee. Menjangan III A no. 17 Pd. Ranji Ciputat Timur. Ph/Fax +62.21.7410.539 email: qertoevcoffee@ymail.com

as Tubruk/Cupping Method

brew 10 gram/200 ml/±92 C water/4 minutes; Couldnt believe when being told this one is a Gayo. Very Floral, Rose water aroma, with big sweetness being balanced by bright orange flavor. Medium Body, clean finish. Honestly its very unlike Gayo, but damn good

as Pourover

brew 10 gram/200ml start/150ml end/±95 C water/flat bottom/±3 minutes; not as beautifull as a Tubruk. No Floral notes, tend to be very bright, the sweetness is there but but as big as expected, med to low body, very clean finish. When cold, the brew is very-very bright. Iced lemon tea bright!

as Single Origin Espresso

brew time 30 ml/20 second; Whooaa although d pull is way 2 fast, I love qertoev’s gayo as SingleOriginEspresso. Very bright, like iced lemon T w/ big cocoa notes @ end

2 thoughts on “Qertoev Coffee Gayo (from Bener Meriah region)

  1. bang kapan kita cuping kopi qertoev coffee gayo benermeriah lagi biar tau tetap konsisten ga kopinya, ini ada panen terbaru lg

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