Fantini Coffee (old italian blend coffee salvaged from a closed down minimart storage room)

as Espresso

brew time 30 ml/30 second; Having a textbook extraction of old Fantini , harsh bitterness infront, then sweet creamy chocolate with zing of lemon. Not bad 4 old coffee.  Brewing 1 of d most beautifull crema color I’ve ever seen, n it came from God knows how old cafe Fantini extra bar salvaged from a minimart. Thick even reddish brown crema, with shiny surface, and its stays for quite a while. Something I seldom c in espresso made using Indo beans.

brew time25 ml /30 second; tried 2 pull it shorter at longer extraction time, harshness infront gone, a bit smoother, but d beautiful flavour also gone

as Cappuccino

brew time 30 ml/30 second with Greenfileds UHT milk; when being asked what a decent cappuccino suppose to taste like, I have to say probably like this. You can taste a balance cup of creamy sweet milk, big chocolate notes, big coffee aroma, but lack of bitterness. Not one of those “damn I want another 1” type of drink, but it will glide nicely in yourmouth, prepping you for a brand new day (if ur italian that drinks a cappa before 11 am 😀 )

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